Why Hub Pages?

Hub Pages is an offshoot of Squidoo. Hub pages acquired Squidoo in 2014. Remember when you could create a lens and promote it on Squidoo? That was a while back and if you do remember that you have been promoting online for quite sometime.

Hub Pages is a platform that you can use to write and distribute and/or feature your articles. You are able to create as many hub pages as you would like. You will also gain links to your products or services simply by writing pertinent articles about your interests or about items you're promoting.

The site is interesting in that you can add images to your articles as well as earn money using your Google Adsense account once the article is published. You can create articles about any subject under the sun using your Hug Pages account.

Once you create your article and add Google Adsense to your hub is completely passive and you don't have to do anything to maintain it and you will continuously earn money on that article year after y…

Showing You The Money!

If you are not using Traffic Exchanges you're leaving tons of subscribers and wads of moolah on the table. This f.r-e*e report will show you how it is done. Grab it now before it's gone...Free TE Profits Report

The simple truth is that I have used traffic exchanges with a lot of success. I would even venture to say that out of all of the free traffic sources that are currently available online, this type of traffic is most effective.

Further, I can honestly say that I have received more sales by utilizing this type of traffic. The good news is that the majority of surfers on traffic exchanges are newbies who are looking for business opportunities.

The best feature of traffic exchange advertising is that the people surfing these sites are usually looking for business opportunities so they will be receptive to your offers. And, you may be receptive to theirs as well.

There are also some very business savvy, experienced marketers on the TE's who are taking advantage of th…

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In regard to this video, if you are sincerely interested in learning internet marketing and how to optimize your website so you can begin making money, then you must check out BringTheFresh. It's all new content for 2013.

Unfortunately, I am having problems with this blog and I am unable to currently organize it as it should be. Because of this I am contemplating no longer posting content on this blog. Therefore, I have listed some of my others sites and social networks so that you will be able to follow me if you choose to do so.

Most of my new posts will probably be on the Internet Marketing Coaching Blog so you may want to book mark it, or subscribe to it, by email or RSS feed. Additionally, I have had a few requests for my other sites so here they are:

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Skyrocket Your Sales With Google +

With the advent of the new Panda and Penguin algorithm, Google has initiated and implemented new strategies that you will need to be aware of and of which you will need to incorporate into your marketing strategy in order to compete and have your website appear on Google.

The biggest problem appears to be that no one is really sure of what the new requirements are. Or of what the new algorithm covers. Of course, there have been SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guys that claim to know what the new algorithms consist of, but it appears that no one is absolutely certain as to what will be required to rank on Google as there are many factors that will affect rankings.

There was so much hoopla when the algorithm was changed that it prompted me to begin research on the topic and I began to study whatever I could find out about how to rank on Google using this new algorithm.

I am sure you have heard that there were many businesses that were completely annihilated when these changes to…

Answers To Your Questions

Dear Readers:
I just want to thank everyone who has left a comment on this blog. Your comments are both welcomed and appreciated and I read every one of them.

However, with this blog platform I cannot reply to your individual comments. I can only allow or delete your comments which is very inconvenient because there are cases where it would be most appropriate for me to reply to you.

Maybe sometime in the near future, this platform will allow their bloggers to reply to posts. The blog features were recently updated and I have wondered why this feature has been overlooked.
Therefore, if you have left a comment, please know that I am not intentionally ignoring your comments nor am I intentionally being rude by not replying.
To date, I have had many inquiries as to what blog platform I am using. In answer to that question, this is a Blogger blog.
At one time I had a wonderful WordPress blog that was very conducive to most anything I wanted to do on it. Of course, with …

Free Marketing Techniques

Social media marketing is all the rage and everyone is participating which is a good thing. So, if you are not on the top four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and is a good idea to become a member and to start social networking on these sites.

IBOsocial is a very interactive and responsive social network with lots of free tools that will help you advertise your site. This is a must have tool. It allows you to advertise your product or service to people who are interested in your offers. You create your profile and receive points which allow you to mail to their mailing list.

Additionally, this site also encourages you to post 2 free press releases a day on their site with their free press release tool. Your press release will be listed on Yahoo, Bing, Google and a few other sites. The best part about this network is that the users on this site are very receptive and responsive.

Moving up fast is Instagram which is a social media site that is use…

How to Find Your Small Business (Or Idea)

If you have been thinking about starting an online business but just have not come up with the business idea that knocks your socks off then it is perhaps time that you consider brainstorming. Brainstorming your small business idea may very well set you on the path to financial freedom.

Webster's Dictionary defines brainstorming as a problem-solving technique that sparks a spontaneous generation of ideas. Brainstorming works through the power of association by offering ideas around a particular subject or problem.

Brainstorming has these basic components:

A. Generating as many solutions to a problem as possible
B. Listing every idea presented without comment or evaluation
C. Grouping and evaluating ideas to reach consensus
D. Prioritizing ideas.

Brainstorming your small business idea can help you choose a topic, develop an approach to a topic, or deepen your understanding of the topic's potential. This is why brainstorming can be extremely beneficial.

Brainstorming your s…

Business and Internet Marketing News Report

Established, proven & doable internet and business models or systems for earning income have never been more abundant, more inexpensive or easier to conduct.

Additionally there is an abundance of business and internet news available on-line to help you set up your internet business. However, it is up to you to do the proper research for a program that is designed to fit your needs. However, I have outlined a Business And Internet Marketing News Report for your convenience.

Business and internet news opportunities also tend to hype the ease of online marketing and the popularity of shopping on the Web (e-commerce). However, if you are not prepared with a plan of action profits will elude you.

The mission here is to provide business and internet news to those thousands of people searching for ways to make money from home or to be their own boss. Or to just plain quit their boring get nowhere jobs with workable business models, instructions, and information on the latest technologi…

How To Have The Top Home Based Internet Business

Creating the top internet home based business includes a well thought-out plan which is an essential must-do for start-up ventures. A plan forces you to set goals, determine the resources you will need to carry out your plan and foresee problems that might otherwise broadside you.

Again, the top home based internet business MUST have a business plan. Plans have become a staple in the internet industry just as they are in every high-growth industry.

Utilizing a plan is one of the first hurdles for any new and aspiring enterprising person. A business plan can get you where you want to be and uses a visual model format to literally show you how to build your own firm from scratch with no prior experience. The top home based internet business plan will also include implementing certain strategies.

Strategy is the core of your plan. And goals should be three to five years out while objectives are things you want to accomplish in the next year. Any new enterprise will have start-up cost…